The GOLD'S AMP™ App is divided into 2 main sections: COACHING and MUSIC.


GOLD'S AMP™ Coaching combines the expertise of Gold's Gym Coaches with the power of DJ-mixed music. We've developed hundreds of audio and video workouts for every fitness level and broken them down into two tabs: Cardio and Strength. Cardio consists of 12 audio-guided workout categories and Strength consists of 3 video-guided workout categories.


Select the COACHING tab at the bottom of the screen. There you will see two workout tabs: Cardio and Strength.
  • You can choose workouts across various categories, including Bike, Treadmill, Total Body Workouts, and more!
Choose a workout based on the category or filter based on duration, intensity, complexity, new workouts, or a specific coach. Each workout will have a description that will give you:
  • The Coach
  • The workout description, including duration and intensity
  • The option to use the pre-selected music or choose your own music genre
Once you start a workout, you’ll get a short countdown before the audio begins. Next, you'll see the Player Screen.
  • In the Player Screen you can pause a workout, change your music, and add the workout to your favorites list.
After you finish your workout, you’ll see the finish screen. There you can share your workout on social media, or provide feedback.


GOLD'S AMP™ is loaded with thousands of DJ mixes across over 40 music genres that are updated weekly. Match your workout with coach-recommended BPM-enhanced music or choose your own soundtrack. You can also skip to the next mix or change your genre during your workout by tapping the music note icon.


The GOLD'S AMP™ MUSIC section is divided into Genres, BPM, and Activities.
  • Genres: The Genres tab holds our most popular music in addition to sub categories of over 10 different genres!
  • BPM: Find music that fits your pace, steps per minute, or reps per minute.
  • Activities: Choose music tailored to the kind of workout you want.
Set your own intervals to work out your way! Build your own intervals and see your completed sets, time remaining, and time elapsed all in one screen.
  • Select the intervals tab on the bottom screen in the music tab.
  • Set your work and rest intervals, adjust your alarm volume, and press the start icon to get moving!
  • You will see a countdown before your interval starts and brings you to the player screen.