How can I download GOLD’S AMP™? GOLD’S AMP™ is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

Is GOLD’S AMP™ free to download?Yes! Both your download and your first two hours are completely free. Get 7 more days free when you upgrade to Premium.

Can I share my workout results with friends? Yes! Once you’re done with your workout, press Pause>Share and select your favorite social channels. A graphic showing your workout, workout time and coach name will be generated. 

I’m not a Gold’s Gym member. Can I still join GOLD’S AMP™? Yes! Simply create an account and start your free 2-hour trial. Once the trial is over, you’ll be prompted to upgrade. Choose “Non-Gold’s Gym Member” and pay for your subscription through the Apple App Store or Google Play.

What do I do if there’s something wrong with the app? Email and we’ll get you taken care of. Make sure to include:

  • Your device type (i.e. iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy 8, etc.)
  • Email address
  • Home gym (For members only)
  • Barcode (For members only)
  • Last name
  • Screenshots (if available)
  • Error messages received (if any)
  • Exact steps to reproduce (What are the steps you went through to get to the error? For example: “I logged in, pressed Already a Premium Member, input my barcode, and the app returned an error message.”)


How do I save my favorite workouts? Press on the heart icon to make sure your favorite workouts stay in the app. Workouts will be refreshed and change often, so by “favoriting” them you are saving them and they won’t go anywhere.

Can I filter through workouts? Yes! On the home screen, choose your workout category then tap on the top right-hand corner on the Filter button. There you’ll be able to filter though intensity, duration, coaches, and see what workouts you’ve completed.

Are GOLD’S AMP™ workouts good for every fitness level and age? YES. We have low, medium and high intensity workouts, plus our Coaches always offer modifications and encourage members to know their limits.

How do I finish a workout? To complete your workout and exit the Player Screen, press Pause then Finish Workout.

How do I share a workout? Press Pause then Share to share your workout results with friends on social media.


How do I update my music preferences? You can change the music before the workout on the workout description screen. Choose between the Coach’s music or your selected genre. You can also switch your genre during the workout by pressing on the Music Note icon. Use the forward icon to move ahead in a mix and press Pause>Next Mix to skip to the next mix completely.

How many mixes does each genre/station hold? Each genre/station holds around ten to fifteen 40-minute mixes at a time.

How are the mixes shuffled? These mixes randomize, giving you a new mix every time you press play (this isn’t exact – the mixes randomize, they don’t rotate, so you may get the same mix again).

How often do you update the music? We update our genres/stations continuously (by adding in new mixes and taking out the “old” ones), insuring you only hear mixes with the most current and up-to-date tracks. At this time, we add around twenty new mixes every week!  



What barcode do I use to upgrade? Use your Gold’s Gym barcode found on your key tag or your Gold’s Gym app.

What is my home gym? Your home gym is the gym where you signed up to be a member.
My sign up failed because it said my email was already in use, but I’ve never used GOLD’S AMP™ before. What’s going on?
AMP™ shares a membership base with the Member Center and the Gold’s Gym app, so if you have existing Member Center/Gold’s Gym app credentials, use them. The reason you’re seeing this message is because you’re attempting to create a brand-new GOLD’S AMP account with your Member Center email. Simply go back to the main screen and “Log in” with your Member Center information. Use the same email you used when you first tried to sign up. Can’t remember your password? Tap on the “question mark button” inside the password field to send yourself a Reset Password email.


When I try to upgrade I get a message saying my barcode is already in use.
This may be happening because the email account you used to create your GOLD’S AMP™ account is not the same as the one associated with your barcode. Sign out of your account and log in with the same email address associated with your account, then enter your barcode again. If you cannot remember the email address associated with your account, email us at