GOLD’S AMP™ Summer Camp

GOLD’S AMP™ Summer Camp

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Let's get summer started!

Hey #AMPNATION! Are you ready to reach your summer fitness goals? For 8 weeks, you'll receive exclusive content, expert advice and workout recommendations from your GOLD'S AMP™ coaches. Track your progress and share it with us by tagging your Summer Camp workouts with #GOLDSAMPSummer.


#AMPCAMP: 18-Minute High Intensity Bodyweight Workout with Coach Lee
Pack your bags and head off to #AMPCAMP! With only 1 minute of rest between rounds, this 3-round tester will have your heart pounding with 1 minute intervals of Air Squats, Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, Mountain Climbers and Jumping Jacks.

Maintain those gains
It's almost time to pack your bags and head home from #AMPCAMP Stay strong and focused on your fitness goals with Coach Bekah’s secret tip to success, and consider all of the great tips from the Summer Camp Coaches:

  • 1. Drink plenty of water.
  • 2. Match your attire with your activity.
  • 3. Make a menu plan.
  • 4. Vary your activities.
  • 5. Keep an accountability partner.
  • 6. Stick to your plan.



Way to go!
Step Up to Summer: 22-Minute High Intensity Stair Climber Workout with Coach Michele
This scorcher starts off with a steady climb that goes from a Level 6 up to a Level 14, increasing speed every 2 minutes. You’ll then have 30-second sprints at the fastest level you can manage. Step right up if you dare!

You did it!
Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done, and celebrate your success with these tips from Coach Lee.

  • 1. Reflect on your success.
  • 2. Reward yourself.
  • 3. Share the news.



It can be tough to stay on track. That's why this week is all about holding yourself accountable. Reach out to the GOLD'S AMP™ Facebook Group when you need an extra boost. You got this!
Summer Core: 13-Minute High Intensity Core Workout with Coach Anna
Turn heads on the beach with Leg Extensions, Planks, Plank Jacks, and Back Extensions. This non-stop workout will have you rotating through 30 second intervals to keep the challenge fun!

Spread the word
Part of staying accountable is sharing your goals with a friend. Coach Paulette and Coach Sandy share their tips for keeping each other on track.

  • 1. Reach out and push each other.
  • 2. Make it fun with challenges.
  • 3. Share your progress on social media.



Hey #AMPNation! You're closing in on the end of GOLD'S AMP™ Summer Camp. Way to go! Don't lose momentum as you near the finish line.
Hot Wheels: 25-Minute Medium Intensity Bike Workout with Coach Lee
Get fired up for a Medium Intensity workout that will take you into 30-second bursts at a Burn Pace with lighter pedaling in between. You'll get an active recovery intermission in the middle of the workout so you can finish strong!

Keep pushing your limits
Even with the end in sight, it's important to keep going. Here's what Coach Chance has to say on meeting and setting goals for yourself.

  • 1. Don't let FOMO distract you.
  • 2. Keep challenging yourself.
  • 3. Have fun, but stay focused.



Don't let your travel plans interfere with your fitness routine. Keep our Digital Personal Trainers in your ear everywhere you go! We are with you every step of the way.
Run in the Sun: 20-Minute Outdoor Run with Coach Jackie
Get your daily dose of Vitamin D with Coach Jackie and this outdoor run! In just 20 minutes, she'll guide you through a steady Base Pace Run with Skipping and Butt Kicks mixed in.

Stay focused on the road
You can stay dedicated to your fitness goals with these travel tips from Coach Ally.

  • 1. Count your steps.
  • 2. Explore your destination with outdoor workouts.
  • 3. Watch what you eat.



Give yourself a pat on the back! Change is difficult, and now you can take a moment to assess the progress you've made. Remember to share that progress by tagging your posts with #GOLDSAMPSummer
Earn It Burn It: 20-Minute Low Intensity Treadmill Walk/Jog with Coach Jackie
Put some power into your step as you move through 1-minute intervals topping out at 4 MPH with a 1% incline and 1-minute peak intervals at 3.5 MPH with 10% incline. Be ready to earn it!

Check your progress
Now that we're halfway through Summer Camp, take a moment to reflect on your fitness goals with these tips from Coach Lee.

  • 1. Revisit an old workout.
  • 2. Try something new.
  • 3. Vary your workout intensity.



You're doing great #AMPNation! Keep the momentum going as you push yourself with this week's high intensity workout!
Hot Water: 12-Minute High Intensity Rowing Workout with Coach Lee
This quick and intense rowing challenge will alternate between 30 seconds of Max Effort and 90 seconds of Base Pace.

Sun smart tips
The sun can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It's important to keep yourself protected when you spend time outdoors. Keep these sun-protective tips from Coach Devario in mind before you head outside.

  • 1. Stay hydrated.
  • 2. Wear breathable clothing.
  • 3. Limit midday sun exposure.
  • 4. Wear sunscreen.



Nutrition is a vital part of starting a strong fitness routine, that's why Week 2 of Summer Camp is focused on how to maintain a healthy diet. Use Coach Jackie's tips to start your summer routine on the right foot.
Summer Shred: 13-Minute Medium Intensity Core Workout with Coach Lee
It’s time for the Summer Shred! Coach Lee guides you through sets of Bicycle Crunches, Flutter Kicks, and Oblique Crunches in intervals of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. Grab a mat and hit that core!

Creating a healthy diet routine
Implement these 3 small changes from Coach Jackie into your diet

  • 1. Cook at home.
  • 2. Swap out soda for sparkling water.
  • 3. Swap nighttime munching for some veggies.


Base Pace Oasis: 18-Minute Low Intensity Treadmill Run Workout with Coach Lee
Welcome to the Base Pace Oasis, where 3 separate 6-minute running blocks will give you the perfect fat-burning workout. You’ll top out at 6 MPH and have 1 minute of active recovery walking between running blocks. Don’t think, just run!

Stay on track
Coach Courtney shares her tips to get your GOLD'S AMP™ SUMMER CAMP journey started on the right foot. Keep these 4 tips in mind as you prep for the next 8 weeks!

  • 1. Stay hydrated.
  • 2. Make a plan and stick to it!
  • 3. Work out during your travel plans.
  • 4. Stretch and use a foam roller!

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