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Prime Shred is a dietary supplement that claims to transform your body by shredding fat. Taking this supplement daily claims to allow your body to burn a higher degree of fat without losing muscle mass or energy. It is an ideal supplement to take during a cutting phase to increase thermogenesis without sacrificing your focus or energy levels. Before taking this supplement, you may be wondering if Prime Shred really works. How does it work? Read on to find out more and learn everything that you would like to know about the cutting-edge Prime Shred formula. 

What is Prime Shred?

Prime Shred is a fat-burning supplement that claims to boost thermogenesis, improve energy and focus, and support your metabolism. You take three Prime Shred capsules daily which will help you shred fat and get lean, transforming your figure without losing muscle mass or experiencing a drop in energy levels. 

Prime Shred achieves these benefits by using many of the proven ingredients that can be found in other fat-burning supplements including capsaicin, caffeine, and other ingredients that are known to boost thermogenesis, or fat burning, within your body. Prime Shred is made by a supplement company based in the UK, named MuscleClub Limited. The supplement is manufactured in a facility that is GMP-certified and FDA-registered. 

Some people take this supplement solely to lose fat, while others take it mainly as part of a cutting phase. If you have been working out and gaining muscle for some time and want to cut away the remaining few pounds of body fat, this supplement could be ideal for you. 

Prime Shred is marketed as a triple-threat advanced fat burning formula that delivers ‘extreme fat-burning’. Each capsule claims to convert the most stubborn body fat into energy that can be used by your body thanks to the thermogenesis-inducing ingredients. 

How Prime Shred Works:

Prime Shred approaches fat burning in three stages. It claims to eliminate stubborn fat from the body by accelerating thermogenesis, the natural fat-burning process in the body. It also amplifies energy and activates fat-burning hormones. The three phases of Prime Shred are:

  • Accelerating Natural Fat Burning Process:

    Like many of the fat burner supplements available today, Prime Shred claims to offer a maximum calorie burn throughout the day by activating the natural fat-burning process in the body. The supplement accelerates your metabolism and speeds thermogenesis up, meaning that your body will burn more calories than usual whether you are resting or exercising.

  • Activating Fat-Burning Hormones:Burning fat isn’t just about burning more calories. Specific hormones are also activated by this supplement. Prime Shred claims to stimulate certain hormones in the body that are essential in burning fat, instructing the fat cells to release stored fatty acids into the bloodstream, which allows them to be burned away permanently. Since hormones play a crucial level in weight loss and burning fat, imbalanced hormones may lead to your brain never signaling your body to start the fat-burning process. By activating fat-burning hormones, Prime Shred addresses any imbalances.
  • Increase Mental Focus and Energy:Going through the cutting phase can be tough, and Prime Shred aims to make it easier by providing you with more energy. While your body is burning more fat for energy, you will enjoy more sustained energy and mental focus all day. Prime Shred claims to provide you with more energy than you would typically experience during the cutting phase, providing ingredients that support your mental and physical energy rather than leaving you feeling tired, worn out and weak at the end of the day. Prime Shred contains nootropics and similar ingredients to help you avoid common occurrences like brain fog, enhancing your focus and allowing you to stay mentally sharp both inside and outside of the gym. Along with nootropics, Prime Shred is also made with other ingredients that can impact your brain and your general mood. The mood-boosting matrix in this supplement claims to help you you’re your emotions in check, making your moods more predictable and enabling you to feel more positive and motivated when working towards achieving your goals. When cutting, Prime Shred claims to help you avoid the negative effects, making it easier for you to burn fat effectively and quickly. 

Ingredients in Prime Shred:

Prime Shred’s manufacturers claim to have performed exhaustive research to come up with this formula. Based on the research conducted, a list of proven ingredients have been added to the supplement that are linked to fat burning, mental and physical energy, and mood. 

Some of the key ingredients that can be found in Prime Shred include caffeine, green tea extract and cayenne pepper, all of which are often found in similar fat burners available today. The supplement also contains a range of ingredients that are not so commonly found in fat-burning products including B vitamins for energy, adaptogens such as Rhodiola Rosea, and amino acids including L-theanine and L-tyrosine. 

Read on to find out more about the ingredients contained in Prime Shred and how they work:

  • Green Tea Extract: This is the largest ingredient included in this supplement by weight. Each Prime Shred serving contains 500mg of green tea extract, an ingredient that more and more people are taking daily for its antioxidant and weight loss effects. These come from various natural antioxidants within the green tea extract along with the natural caffeine content that make green tea one of the best and most proven weight loss ingredients available today. Prime Shred’s manufacturers claim that the green tea extract content found in this supplement can speed up your metabolism to accelerate fat burning. They also claim that it can boost the effect of certain fat-burning hormones along with other benefits such as reducing triglyceride levels. 
  • L-Tyrosine: Each serving of Prime Shred contains 300mg of L-Tyrosine. The purpose of adding this amino acid to the ingredients list is to enhance concentration, focus and alertness. The manufacturers claim that this ingredient plays a key role in mental cognition and is crucial for stressful situations, including heavy workouts. 
  • L-Theanine: A natural compound that is found in green tea, studies have shown that L-Theanine is helpful in reducing some of the negative impacts of caffeine on the body such as jitters and anxiety. On its own, it is also a very valuable amino acid that can increase your metabolism and reduce the amount of carbohydrates and fat that your body absorbs from your diet. Other studies have shown that it can be effective in boosting certain hormones that can help balance your mood and make it easier to stay positive. 
  • Rhodiola Rosea Root: This ingredient has been used to manage stress for centuries. Since it is an adaptogen, it is useful in helping your body adapt better to both mental and physical stress. Some studies have also found it effective for fat-burning by activating enzymes that break down stored fat in the body. As a result, this leads to higher energy levels and increased oxygen transportation to the muscles, improving your endurance and performance. 
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: Prime Shred is similar to most fat burners in that it contains quite a large amount of caffeine. Each serving contains the same amount of caffeine that you would expect from two large cups of coffee. Caffeine is both a thermogenic and a stimulant, improving your body’s mental and physical energy and raising your alertness while improving your focus. It also makes fat-burning easier for your body with some studies suggesting that it can boost your metabolism in several ways. 
  • Cayenne Pepper: One of the most popular proven fat burning ingredients today, cayenne pepper is rich in capsaicin, a natural chemical that has been shown to speed up fat burning by increasing thermogenesis and boosting your metabolism. This ingredient allows you to burn more calories and fat throughout the day without making significant changes to your workout routine. 
  • DMAE: This ingredient is included in Prime Shred to improve alertness, focus, and mind-muscle concentration while working out. The manufacturers claim that this ingredient in the supplement can increase the production of the acetylcholine neurotransmitter, which is important for both muscle contraction and cognitive performance. 
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract: Green or unroasted coffee beans are included since studies show that roasting the beans removes some important compounds. Green coffee bean is often included in fat burning supplements since it may have higher levels of ingredients such as chlorogenic acid. This ingredient may be able to boost your metabolism, encourage thermogenesis, and increase the release of energy-related neurotransmitters to help you feel more energized and alert. 
  • Vitamin B Complex: B vitamins are important for your energy levels and you may feel fatigued and tired if you are not getting enough of them. People with an active lifestyle may require more B vitamins than average. Each Prime Shred serving contains a large dose of various B vitamins including vitamin B3, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. 
  • Bioperine: Bioperine is a type of black pepper extract that is often included in dietary supplements to aid with absorption. Bioperine is claimed to improve the bioavailability of the ingredients found in Prime Shred by thirty percent. As a result, your body will absorb more of the ingredients rather than having them simply pass through, allowing you to experience more benefits from each one. 

The full list of ingredients and the dose for each are listed upfront for Prime Shred, making it easy for you to compare this supplement to other similar options that you can find available to buy online. It’s easy to see the exact dose of each ingredient since they list all the doses upfront rather than hiring ingredients inside a proprietary formula. The ingredients are all contained within a vegetable capsule, with a formula that is safe for both vegetarians and vegans to take. The company also claims to use no secret ingredients or fillers. 

Main Features and Benefits of Prime Shred:

The following benefits and features are advertised by the manufacturers as being associated with Prime Shred:

  1. Transform Your Body with Pure Fat Loss: You can lose fat when taking Prime Shred and transform your figure. The supplement is claimed to help you burn more calories and shred body fat to achieve a more muscular and ripped physique. 
  2. Break Through Plateaus: It can be frustrating when you feel like you have done everything right to lose weight, but plateaus and obstacles get in the way. Prime Shred claims to jumpstart your body into fat-burning mode to solve these problems and help you achieve results if your progress has slowed down or stopped. 
  3. Get in Shape Whenever You Want: You don’t have to be cutting to reap the benefits of Prime Shred. Some people will take it before competing while others take it before going on vacation. Prime Shred aims to provide you with the additional fat-burning power that your body needs whatever you’re preparing for. 
  4. Lose Stubborn Fat: The last few pounds of fat are often the most stubborn and the hardest to burn. Prime Shred aims to help you lose the last few pounds of stubborn fat to help you reveal the hard and toned muscles underneath.

How to Take Prime Shred:

Prime Shred should be taken twenty minutes before breakfast with three capsules. To maximize fat burning, it should be taken every day whether you are planning to work out or not.

Scientific Evidence Linked to Prime Shred:

Prime Shred contains clinically proven doses of various ingredients that have been linked to fat burning. While many other fat burners use unusual in

Prime Shred contains clinically proven doses of various ingredients that have been linked to fat burning. While many other fat burners use unusual ingredient in unlisted doses, Prime Shred contains a combination of some of the most popular, proven fat burning ingredients that can be found today. 

  1. Green Tea Extract: Many people who want to lose weight faster take green tea daily. Prime Shred contains 500mg of this ingredient per serving. There have been various studies that have found green tea extract useful for weight loss. One study of sixty obese individuals found that those taking green tea extract dropped over seven pounds more compared to those taking a placebo, and burned over 180 more calories per day during the three-month period. Further studies have found that the ingredients found in green tea extract can reduce the amount of fat that we absorb from our diets.
  2. Caffeine:This is the most popular weight loss booster around the world, with various studies showing the effectiveness of caffeine when it comes to weight loss. Make people take caffeine on a daily basis to help speed up their weight loss results, and some many pre-workout supplements contain this ingredient, along with various thermogenic fat burners. According to the Mayo Clinic, caffeine can boost weight loss efforts along with preventing fat gain. It increases the use of energy in your body and helps you burn more calories when resting, stimulating thermogenesis which encourages your body to burn more fat. Studies have found that caffeine is also an effective appetite suppressant, helping you consume less while burning more energy.  
  3. Green Coffee Bean Extract: This ingredient is found in an increasing number of diet and fat burning supplements. In a study from 2011, researchers analyzed the effects of green coffee supplements, concluding that it led to almost five pounds more weight loss on average compared to the placebo. While it’s not a miracle weight loss solution, like green tea extract and caffeine, it is useful for supporting weight loss goals.
  4. Mood Boosting Ingredients:Along with ingredients that have been proven to help with fat-burning, Prime Shred also contains ingredients that can boost your mood including Rhodiola Rosea and L-theanine. In a study from 2019, researchers analyzed the effects of L-Theanine on stress, finding that taking 200mg of this ingredient on a daily basis helped participants score better on stress and depression tests. When used alongside caffeine, it can be a particularly useful ingredient that helps to counteract the anxiety-inducting effects.

Overall, the ingredients that are found in Prime Shred are linked to weight loss, fat burning, mood, focus and energy. This supplement uses transparent doses of every ingredient including the same doses that have been used in several successful weight loss studies and trials. 

gredient in unlisted doses, Prime Shred contains a combination of some of the most popular, proven fat burning ingredients that can be found today.

Prime Shred Pricing:

Prime Shred will cost you around $50 per bottle, and there are discounts available for those buying in bulk. You cannot find this supplement for sale in stores or other websites – it’s exclusively sold through PrimeShred.com. 

For one bottle, you will pay $49.95 plus $7.95 per shipping. You can save money by purchasing three bottles for $99.95 or six bottles for $199.95. Purchasing more than three bottles entitles you to free shipping, allowing you to save even more. Each bottle contains a 30-day supply of ninety capsules.

Prime Shred Refund Policy:

When you buy Prime Shred, you will access a 100% money-back guarantee that is active for one hundred days after placing your order. If you don’t experience the ‘jaw dropping results’ that Prime Shred claims to offer after using the supplement, you can request a complete refund. Prime Shred recommends getting a refund if you fail to experience higher fat burning, better energy levels, and better focus while taking the supplement. 

Who Manufactures Prime Shred:

Prime Shred was created by MuscleClub Ltd. This company manufactures Prime Shred in the US in a facility that is FDA-approved and GMP-certified. MuscleClub Ltd is known for offering a variety of supplements that can be purchased online including popular testosterone boosters such as TestoGen and the Blackwolf pre-workout supplement. 


Prime Shred is a fat-burning supplement that you can find for sale exclusively at PrimeShred.com. The supplement claims to speed up fat burning in the body by using a range of ingredients including cayenne pepper, caffeine, green coffee bean extract, green tea extract and more. 

Prime Shred should work as advertised if you are using it to support a cutting phase, and the marketing for the supplement tends to include honest claims. It does not claim to help you lose a significant amount of weight in a short amount of time or claim to help you lose weight without exercising. Instead, it is designed to complement a healthy, balanced diet and a workout routine to improve your weight loss results. You can easily compare Prime Shred to other competing thermogenic supplements thanks to the fact that MuscleClub Ltd list all ingredients and dosages upfront. 

You can visit PrimeShred.com to learn more about Prime Shred and how it works. One bottle designed to last thirty days will cost you around $50, and all purchases come covered by a 100-day money-back guarantee. 

Feel free to read our info disclosures here.

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