May Workouts

May Workouts

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Bring it on, May!

We’re starting May off with challenging interval work that will help you work on your endurance and technique. Building a strong foundation is key to advancing your fitness journey. Get to it!


5/25/2018: Runner’s Anthem: 25-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Lee
This outdoor run will have you hitting Max Effort sprints for 15 seconds and Burn pace runs for 30 seconds. Build speed and improve your acceleration with Coach Lee!

5/2/2018: The Cascade: 16-Minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Lee
Run through Burn Pace intervals at a challenging running speed with 30 seconds of active recovery between intervals. The first of 8 descending intervals lasts 90 seconds. Find your Burn Pace and stay on it!


5/25/2018: Race Ready One: 60-minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Rebekah
3.1 miles never felt so easy! Walk, power walk, and lightly jog your way to 5K victory over the next 60 minutes in this treadmill run that caps out at 4.5 MPH and remains at an incline of 1%.


5/25/2018: To Burn or Not to Burn: 31-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Chance
Gear up for 60-second intervals of Up-Downs + High Knees, Squat Jumps, Jumping Jacks, and Jumping Lunges with only 30 seconds of rest between movements. See how far you can get!

5/22/2018: Intro to Bodyweight Strength: 20-Minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Daigle
Mastering squats and push-ups is essential to building skill and muscular endurance that will allow you to transition into more complex movements. Focus on form before intensity in this workout as you build your strong foundation!

5/10/2018: 4×4: 23-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Anna
Get ready for this total body workout! Target cardio with high knees, jumping jacks, speed skaters, and burpees. Focus on strength with squats, lunges and push-ups. Work on power with assorted plyometric movements. Finish it all with some core work!

5/2/2018: Push-up Challenge: 13-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Anna
Are you up for the Push-Up Challenge? This workout will blast your arms with different variations of the push-up. Cycle between push-up styles and get toned with this 13-minute burner.


5/22/2018: Summer Shred: 13-Minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Lee
It’s time for the Summer Shred! Coach Lee guides you through sets of Bicycle Crunches, Flutter Kicks, and Oblique Crunches in intervals of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. Grab a mat and hit that core!

5/10/2018: Spider-Man Core: 19-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Anna
Grab a mat and target your core with this workout that will take you through crunches, leg extensions, planks, dead bugs, spider planks, and spider push-ups.


5/22/2018: The Grind: 30-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Michael
Rise and Grind, #AMPNATION! Coach Michael leads you through this elliptical journey of variable intensity that tops out at a resistance of 14 and an incline of 10.


5/10/2018: Busy: 10-Minute Mental Focus Session with Coach Sandi
Take time out of your busy day to become unhurried and present. Let go of anxiety as you relax your mind. Rest deeper and feel refreshed after this calming meditation session.

5/2/2018: Perfect Peace: 14-Minute Mental Focus Session with Coach Rebekah
Find a perfectly peaceful moment by visualizing, breathing and relaxing. Challenge your mental muscles as you exercise control over the images that you visualize.

5/2/2018: Mind and Body: 12-Minute Meditation Session with Coach Ericka
Find stress relief in the stillness of meditation. Exhale the tension and negativity out of your body and feel the good vibes!


5/2/2018: The Mansion: 16-Minute Low Intensity Workout with Coach Lee
This beginner-friendly workout will have you climbing for 2 minutes at a time at Level 4, Level 6 and Level 8. Technique and posture guidance will make your climb worthwhile. Going up!


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