June Workouts

June Workouts

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Power and endurance are key to advancing your fitness goals, but so is taking the appropriate steps to recover. Work on building your cardiovascular endurance and on giving your body the recovery it needs. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint!


06/27/2018: Morning Meditation: 10-Minute Meditation Session with Coach Rebekah
Start your morning by becoming aware of yourself and the space around you. Prepare to greet the day with an open heart and a calm mind. You’ll realize that even the smallest actions can make a difference.


06/27/2018: Mid-Range Accelerator: 30-Minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Lee
Rev it up for the Mid-Range Accelerator! Coach Lee has you alternate between Base and Burn on your way to calorie-burning glory! Strap on those kicks, find an open path, and get ready to take off!


06/27/2018: Gluteal Glory: 24-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Ally
Mash-up alert! Watch out for Max Speeds of 4.5, a Max Incline of 5%, and some Lunge Intervals. The path to gluteal glory isn’t easy, but Coach Ally is here to lead you through it!

06/19/2018: Walk of Fame: 20-Minute Low Intensity Workout with Coach Michelee
Walk and jog between speeds of 2.5 to 4 MPH and inclines between 2.5% and 4% to get your name on the GOLD’S AMP Walk of Fame!

06/13/2018: Earn It Burn It: 20-Minute Low Intensity Workout with Coach Jackie
Put some power into your step as you move through 1-minute intervals topping out at 4 MPH with a 1% incline and 1-minute peak intervals at 3.5 MPH with 10% incline. Be ready to earn it!

06/06/2018: Elevation: 25-Minute Low Intensity Workout with Coach Chance
Build your endurance and power with Coach Chance! Elevation increases your incline steadily until you reach a max of 5% and a speed of 3.6 MPH. Can you keep up?


06/19/2018: Baby Got Back: 26-Minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Jackie
Stay on your tiptoes as you target your calves and your glutes in this workout that peaks at a Level 14.


06/19/2018: Six Pack: 10-Minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Jackie
Take 10 minutes to target that core and build your fitness foundation as you Plank, Scissor Kick, and Crunch your way through this workout.


06/13/2018: Hot Water: 12-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Lee
This quick and intense rowing challenge will alternate between 30 seconds of Max Effort and 90 seconds of Base Pace.

06/06/2018: Row Better: 24-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Blake
Coach Blake navigates you through the waters of Base Pace, Burn Pace, and Max Effort! Max out at 40 SPM and keep that form steady as you row better!


06/13/2018: Fun Mills: 12-minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Chance
Coach Chance is here to blast your lower body with this mashup bodyweight and deadmill cardio burner. 30 seconds of deadmill sprints followed by a full minute of jump squats will give you the ultimate burn. Finish off by running it out at 8 MPH!


06/06/2018: Lower Body Foam Roll: 12-Minute Foam Rolling Session with Coach Daigle
Sore lower body slowing you down? We’re here to help! Target your calves, hamstrings, glutes, IT bands, adductors, quads, and anterior tibialis in this 12-minute foam rolling session.


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