August Workouts

August Workouts

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Sweat this August with new workouts from our GOLD’S AMP™ coaches! After completing GOLD’S AMP™ Summer Camp, you know what you can achieve. Take us with you for that motivation and direction you need to stay in motion and keep pushing yourself to the next level. You are a powerhouse!


8/21/2018: Danger Zone: 25-Minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Jackie
Let’s climb into the danger zone! Climb through 40-second intervals at Level 5 and 20-second intervals at Level 15. You’ll get 2 minutes at a Level 4 between working blocks to keep you on your feet!

8/8/2018: Skyscraper: 20-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Jackie
Take your fitness to the next level with Coach Jackie as you step through 1-minute intervals at Levels 3, 6, 12 and 18 for a total of 4 Rounds. Keep reaching for the top!


8/21/2018: Master Rider: 16-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Jackie
Time to power up those legs! Hit Resistance levels of 12 – 14 for 2-Minute Burn intervals and Resistance levels of 16 – 18 for 1-Minute Max Effort intervals. This session works best on a cycle bike, but whatever bike you choose… ride like a MASTER!

8/1/2018: Turbo: 20-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Lee
These 15-second bursts of Max Effort speed will get your heart racing and your legs burning. You’ll take 4 sprints at a time with a little active recovery after each set for a total of 12 Max Effort intervals.


8/21/2018: Never Walk Alone: 30-Minute Low Intensity Workout with Coach Anna
Join Coach Anna as you Power Walk and Walk through a session that will have your arms swinging to the music and your legs moving to the beat.

8/15/2018: Strut and Squat: 21-Minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Lee
Time for a mashup! Each minute you’ll hit 5 bodyweight air squats then go directly into a power walk for the remainder of the time. Follow that power walk up with 2 minutes at a regular walking speed. Conquer the block!


8/15/2018: Glow Sticks: 20-Minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Michelee
Illuminate your everyday jog, and get glowing with 2-minute intervals at 5 MPH followed by 2-minute walking intervals. These Inclines will vary from 2% – 3.5%. Time to light it up!

8/8/2018: Function Junction: 28-Minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Michelee
Feel strong and confident as you Power Walk and Jog your way through speeds that range from 3 to 5 MPH and inclines that top out at 4.5%.


8/15/2018: Slow: 8-Minute Meditation Session with Coach Sandi
Slow down your mind, body, and spirit with Coach Sandi. Find peace as you live unhurried in a hurried world.


8/8/2018: Run That By Me Again: 47-Minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Rebekah
Tough runner, meet this tough run. Bring your positive vibes as you hold 8 MPH for 8 separate half-mile repeats. Coach Rebekah will guide your running technique and make sure you are keeping a strong mindset.

8/1/2018: Activate: 20-Minute Low Intensity Workout with Coach Michelee
This one’s for all the joggers out there! Coach Michelee has your back as you ease your way into running. With top speeds at 6.5 MPH and a Max Incline at 4%, this workout is nothing to underestimate!


8/1/2018: 4 for Core: 17-Minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Dallas
Target your core with Crunches, Flutter Kicks, Reverse Crunches, and Planks. You’ll hit each movement for 40 seconds on and 20 seconds off, completing 4 intervals of each individual movement before moving on to the next exercise.


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