Meet the NEW Finish Screen Plus All April Feature Releases

Meet the NEW Finish Screen Plus All April Feature Releases

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Hey AMP Nation!

It’s your Customer Success Specialist Jess here to talk about the new GOLD'S AMP™ player screen and all other features we released this month. Next time you open a workout, you'll see the following exciting changes! Watch the video or check out the full descriptions below.

Pause and Play Quickly: The pause/play button now pauses your workout AND music without bringing up a menu.

Skip to the Next Song in a Mix: You can easily skip to the next song with the arrow to the right of the pause/play button.

Skip to the Next Mix or New Genre: If you’re not feeling the coaches’ music, you can change the genre or skip to the next mix by tapping on the musical note icon. The workout will keep going and your music will update.

Save Your Favorites: If you really like the workout, you can add it to your favorites by tapping on the heart icon. You can find these workouts under the favorites tab on the home screen.

Never Miss a Finish: End your workout early by tapping the finish flag icon. You’ll confirm you’re done with the workout by tapping yes or no on the confirmation message.

Meet the NEW Finish Screen: Once your workout is finished, you'll see a finish screen where you can rate your workout and share your progress on social media. Make sure you always tap "finish" so that your Workouts Completed count is accurate!

Keep Listening After Your Workout: Finally, just because the workout is over doesn’t mean the music has to stop. Continue to jam out after your workout by pressing "finish" and then tapping "yes" on the music confirmation message.

Keep up the great work!

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Yours In Health,

GOLD'S AMP™ Customer Success Specialist

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