NEW May Workouts!

NEW May Workouts!

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May 15th - May 21st

Make these workouts a priority and bring the heat! For those that want to take the challenge, the “Megalith” is back and better than ever. Step up your game and try Megalith 2.0 in the STRENGTH tab with Coach Lee! This week’s group of workouts also offer lower intensity workouts that will have you sweating up a storm!

STRENGTH TOTAL BODY    Megalith 2.0: Coach Lee, 34 minutes
Advanced AMP athletes, this unforgiving workout will test your limits! You'll be working 45 seconds on with 15 seconds off. Tips from Coach Lee- don't let this workout spark you. Take controlled deep breaths, focus on form, and pace yourself!

CARDIO: CORE    AB Furnace: Coach Parker, 16 minutes
The furnace is raging with 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off with Center Low Plank, Crunches, Left Side Low Plank, Right Side Low Plank and Leg Lifts. You'll have minimal rest for a serious burn!

CARDIO: TREADMILL WALK/JOG    Healthier in 30: Coach Sandi, 30 minutes
Let’s get healthy with a steady walk that gradually and comfortably builds up in speed, topping out at 3.8 MPH. The highest incline in this session will hit 4%.

CARDIO: MEDITATION    Priority: Coach Sandi, 10 minutes
In a world full of distractions be mindful of what takes priority in your life. Meditate on what is worth your time, energy and resources. Let a sense of composure take hold as you focus on what matters most to you.

CARDIO: TREADMILL WALK/JOG    Sweat Storm: Coach Chance, 25 minutes
Move at a powerful pace topping out at 4.3 MPH and 5% incline. You'll work up a sweat in no time!

CARDIO: ELLIPTICAL    Stride Away: Coach Chance, 25 minutes
Stride away the calories as you hit all 3 AMP Paces. You'll be focusing on driving with the upper and lower body on certain intervals. Choose a moderate resistance level and get to work!

May 8th - May 14th

This week’s group of workouts are more cardio-oriented. Even the strength workout “Showtime” incorporates more plyometric bodyweight movements to elevate the heart rate for a greater calorie burn. Don’t be afraid to work your lungs with these workouts!

STRENGTH LOWER BODY    Showtime: Coach Jackie, 15 minutes
Coach Jackie mixes up bodyweight movements with Weighted Step-Ups for a quick leg blast. Grab a challenging pair of Dumbbells and a Box because it's showtime!

CARDIO: STAIR CLIMBER    Urgency: Coach Chance, 23 minutes
Let’s take it to the top by upping your tempo to top speed by hitting Level 14 and before settling back down to a Level 8. Time to climb with some urgency!

CARDIO: TREADMILL WALK/JOG    Incline Ladder: Coach Sandi, 30 minutes
Conquer this incline ladder as you Power Walk your way from an incline of 0% all the way up to 10% holding steady at 4.0 MPH. This one will keep you on your toes!

CARDIO: OUTDOOR WALK/JOG    Walk and Work: Coach Sandi, 30 minutes
Get to work with extended Power Walking intervals mixed with back to back 30-second intervals of Bodyweight Squats and Walking Lunges. You'll have 6 total rounds of Bodyweight movements- so pace yourself!

CARDIO: BIKE    Aerobic Phobic: Coach Jackie, 44 minutes
Have no fear! This Spin Bike focused workout will have you sitting and standing for one wild ride! Lock in your RPM to 65 and pedal it out.

CARDIO: TREADMILL RUN    Green Light: Coach Chance, 18 minutes
You've got the green light to run through 7 progressively faster 60-second intervals starting out at 7.0 MPH and topping out at 10.0 MPH. You'll walk it out at 3.5 MPH between your high intensity intervals.

May 1st - May 7th

We’re starting May out by channeling your inner warrior! Step up to the challenge with new box movements, yoga-inspired stretching sessions, and one of the fastest treadmill runs yet! Are you ready to be a GOLD’S AMP™ Warrior?

STRENGTH UPPER BODY STRENGTH   Spartan Arms: Coach Jackie, 20 minutes
Hit your biceps with Banded Bicep Curls followed by DB Hammer Curls. Target your triceps with Banded OH Tricep Extensions followed by Box Dips. Finish with Banded Shoulder Presses and DB Arnold Presses. You'll get minimal rest, Spartan!

CARDIO: CORE    Core Foundation: Coach Parker, 10 minutes
Spend some time strengthening your core and building stability with these 4 rounds of Crunches, Bird Dogs, and Supermans. You'll be working for 30 seconds on and 15 seconds off. Let’s build a strong foundation!

CARDIO: TREADMILL WALK/JOG    Roll With It: Coach Chance, 30 minutes
Start off Power Walking to get your legs warm and then tackle 5 separate 1-minute jogging intervals topping out at 5 MPH. You'll Power Walk at a 10% incline to finish off the session. Just roll with it!

CARDIO: TREADMILL RUN    Fast Forward: Coach Jackie, 19 minutes
Advanced runners- try our fastest treadmill workout yet! You'll be Sprinting for 60 seconds at a time starting at 8.0 MPH and increasing by .5MPH each interval with 40 second rest periods. Your last Sprint will hit 12 MPH. Use caution transitioning!

CARDIO: BIKE    Wheels Up: Coach Parker, 20 minutes
This upright/recumbent bike workout will build your legs with speed and power intervals. With your posture on point and your mind focused, you can't lose!

CARDIO: STRETCHING    Flexible Warrior: Coach Sandi, 15 minutes
Get flexible with a yoga-inspired flow that will have you feeling flexible and refreshed. Release your inner warrior!

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