February Workouts

February Workouts

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It may be chilly outside, but we’re feeling spring in our hearts. To bring some warmth to your week, we’re introducing two new movements: Arnold Presses and Hammer Curls. You’ll practice these in Muscle Beach, so don’t run for the hills (but do run hills with this week’s workouts) as you take on these new exercises!

STRENGTH UPPER BODY   Muscle Beach: 17-Minute Beginner Complexity Workout with Coach Chance
Build and tone your upper body with Arnold Presses, Hammer Curls, and Tricep Kickbacks. Make sure to grab a slightly heavier set of dumbbells for the Arnold Presses!

CARDIO: TREADMILL WALK/JOG    Battle of the Hills: 17-Minute Low Intensity Workout with Coach Chance
This is a light beginner workout that will give you experience changing your incline while you settle into a steady and comfortable walking pace. The top incline will reach a gentle 5%.

CARDIO: CORE    Walk the Plank: 11-Minute Low Intensity Workout with Coach Laura
Coach Laura combines a 1-minute Plank with a 1-minute Side Plank for a static core challenge! You'll take on 8 total minutes of holding with only 40 seconds of rest between rounds. See how far you can get into each interval without dropping down!

CARDIO: BODYWEIGHT    Tabata Mama: 20-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Tracy
Take on these intense paired movements Tabata style! Coach Tracy pairs Air Squats with Jump Squats, Plank Jacks with Mountain Climbers, Alternating Reverse Lunges with Plyo Lunges, and Burpees with Push-Ups as you move 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off.

CARDIO: TREADMILL RUN    5K Under 30: 30-Minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Tracy
Work on going the distance with speed intervals that range from 6.5 up to 8.0 MPH. This session will guide your breath and pacing as you become a better runner.

CARDIO: BIKE    Hills: 23-Minute Low Intensity Workout with Coach Tracy
Hold a steady pace as you gradually add resistance each minute. Can you hold your RPM as the hills get steeper?

FEBRUARY 20th - 27th

This week’s workouts have plenty of cardio benefits while also allowing you to work on your muscular endurance. Change up your routine by choosing a new category outside of your comfort zone!

STRENGTH UPPER BODY   Saucy Shoulders: 12-Minute Moderate Complexity Workout with Coach Laura
Grab your lighter pair of dumbbells and hit the shoulders hard with 30 seconds of Lateral and Rear Delt Raises. You'll want a moderate pair of dumbbells to make the 30-second Push Press intervals more challenging.

CARDIO: MEDITATION    Unworried: 9-Minute Low Intensity Meditation Session with Coach Sandi
Spend some time relaxing and let your worries fade away. Let your mind rest at ease as you breathe and feel the calmness.

CARDIO: BIKE    Nothing But Sprints: 21-Minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Tracey
Keep it fast and fun with Coach Tracy! Start with 30-second sprints and work your way up and down a speed pyramid. You'll pedal through 2-minute Burn Pace intervals at the top.

CARDIO: CORE    Guts to Dust: 10-Minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Jackie
Make that gut disappear with Coach Jackie as she leads you through Super Planks, Mountain Climbers, Crunches, and Super Crunches!

CARDIO: STAIR CLIMBER    Steady Pace: 30-Minute Low Intensity Workout with Coach Jackie
Coach Jackie guides you through a slow and steady climb consisting of 4-minute climbing blocks topping out at Level 7.

CARDIO: BODYWEIGHT    I Feel Good: 18-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Chance
Ready for an awesome calorie burning workout that will leave you feeling good? 6 total rounds of Push-Ups, Jumping Jacks, Mountain Climbers, and Burpees will test your limits. Expect 30-second intervals and 1 full minute of rest between rounds.

FEBRUARY 14th - 19th

Roses are red, violets are blue, we have some new workouts for you or for two! Focus is on bodyweight fundamentals this week as you increase your metabolism with higher intensity movements.

STRENGTH TOTAL BODY   Tag Team: 17-Minute Beginner Complexity Workout with Coach Lee and Coach Jackie
Grab a partner and tag team this 30-second interval Total Body workout! Go through Slam Ball Front Squats, Ball Slams, Slam Ball Alternating Reverse Lunges, and Slam Ball Strict Presses. While one partner goes, the other rests.

CARDIO: BODYWEIGHT    Burn Baby Burn: 14-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Parker
If you want to burn fat, you've come to the right place! Take on 60 and 90-second intervals of High Plank with Rotation, Jumping Jacks, Butt Kicks, Mountain Climbers, Squats, Push-Ups, Alternating Reverse Lunges, Skaters, and Burpees.

CARDIO: BODYWEIGHT    Racing Hearts: 15-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Jackie
Get your heart racing and lungs burning with 4-minutes of non-stop working blocks. Expect 3 rounds of Burpees, Alternating Reverse Lunges, Push-Ups, and Sit-Ups with one minute to rest.

CARDIO: ROWING    Row-Mance: 14-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Jackie
Row through working blocks consisting of 2 minutes at a comfortable Base Pace and 1 minute at a faster Burn Pace. Finish the workout with 45 seconds of Bodyweight Squats to fall in love with this mashup!

CARDIO: CORE    Core on the Floor: 11-Minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Sandi
Take it to the floor with Plank Saws, Hip Drops, Reverse Crunches, and High Plank Shoulder Taps. Try to make it all the way through each 1-minute interval!

CARDIO: BIKE    Strength in Numbers: 24-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Anna
Build up your strength on the bike with these challenging High Resistance Intervals. The numbers don’t lie, this will be a tough one!

FEBRUARY 5th - 13th

Game day snacks got you down? Get back on track (or stay on course, you go-getter) with this new round of workouts and new workout plan meant to get your metabolism revving.

STRENGTH: TOTAL BODY   Set the Fire: 12-Minute Moderate Complexity Workout with Coach Jackie
Set this workout ablaze with Coach Jackie! This workout is short but targets many muscle groups throughout your body. Grab some dumbbells and turn up the temperature, #AMPNation!

CARDIO: STAIRCLIMBER   The Rolling Stairs: 20-Minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Chance
Climb the calories away at speeds that bottom out at a Level 4 and top out at a Level 14. You'll get just enough recovery time to keep going until the end. Let's roll!

CARDIO: OUTDOOR RUN   Kickin' Up Dirt: 26-Minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Chance
Head outside and kick up some dirt as you accelerate at a Burn Pace for 1 minute at a time. You'll get plenty of active recovery between running sets. This is the perfect session for joggers and runners transitioning into medium intensity sessions.

CARDIO: OUTDOOR WALK/JOG   Pace and Power: 30-Minute Low Intensity Workout with Coach Michelee
Knock out your steps with a sense of power as you pace yourself through 4-minute Power Walking intervals!

CARDIO: BODYWEIGHT   Jump Around: 20-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Chance
30-second intervals of Squat Jumps, Pushups, and Jumping Lunges will sculpt your legs and strengthen your lungs. You'll get 30 seconds of rest between each movement to recover. Jump up, jump up and get down!

CARDIO: STRETCHING   Home Stretch: 10-Minute Low Intensity Stretching Session with Coach Anna
Bring it home as you stretch out your Quads, Inner Thighs, Hamstrings, Obliques and Shoulders with Coach Anna.

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