April Workouts

April Workouts

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APRIL 24th - APRIL 30th

This week, we have a beginner-focused Resistance Band workout with a new movement, Band Pull-Aparts. Band Pull-Aparts are one of the most effective ways to target the rear deltoids (an often neglected muscle of the body), and a great workout to balance out the shoulders.

STRENGTH UPPER BODY   Bandit: 17-Minute Beginner Complexity Workout with Coach Lee
Build a well-rounded upper body with Banded Shoulder Presses, Banded Overhead Tricep Extensions, Banded Bicep Curls, Band Pull Aparts, Banded Bent-Over Rows and Banded Push-Ups. Complete 3 sets of each movement before moving onto the next.

CARDIO: ROWING    Crew: 20-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Chance
Get your form locked in and build your speed with ascending Max Effort rowing intervals. You'll start with 15 second Max Effort sprints and work your way up to 60 second sprints.

CARDIO: OUTDOOR RUN    Descent: 20-Minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Lee
Run hard through pairs of descending Burn Pace Intervals beginning at 60 seconds and finishing out at 20 seconds. You'll have a 1:1 work to rest ratio to keep the intensity consistent.

CARDIO: CORE    Abs for Days: 17-Minute High Workout with Coach Jackie
Build some enviable abs with 4 non-stop rounds of High Plank Shoulder Taps, Planks, Mountain Climbers, Supermans, Sit-Ups, Bicycle Crunches, and Glute Bridges. You'll have 40 seconds to recover between rounds.

CARDIO: TREADMILL RUN    Easier Said Than Run: 22-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Sam
Lock in your incline at 2% and sprint through challenging 1-minute intervals hitting 10+ MPH. You'll bring it back to Active Recovery at 4 MPH and Base Pace at 6 MPH before each sprint. No one said it was going to be easy!

CARDIO: BODYWEIGHT    The Classic: 14-Minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Lee
Dive right into a circuit of Alternating Lunges, Push-Ups, Mountain Climbers, Sit Ups, and Air Squats. You'll go 25 seconds on and 15 seconds off for 4 total rounds. Get ready for this classic combination!

APRIL 17th - APRIL 23rd

This week, you’ll notice more beginner workouts and a lengthier run. That’s because we’ve been listening to your workout feedback and creating sessions based on what you want. We love hearing what you want to work on and what you want to keep strengthening, so keep the feedback coming, #AMPNation!

STRENGTH LOWER BODY    Backside Blaze: 15-Minute Beginner Complexity Workout with Coach Sherese
Time to fire up that backside with Kettlebell Goblet Squats, Romanian Deadlifts, and Bodyweight Glute Bridges working for 30 seconds on and 15 seconds off. This is a go-to combination to help you get to your goal shape!

CARDIO: TREADMILL RUN    Marafun: 50-Minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Chance
Ready to go long range? We’re running through 5-minute working blocks at 6PMPH and 8MPH. You’ll get periodic walking intervals that will allow you to reset and refocus. Coach Chance will keep you on track to finish strong!

CARDIO: BIKE    Speed Racer: 30-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Sherese
This spin bike session is getting you geared up to take on a speed ladder to your Max Effort Pace, while holding Resistance at 12-14! You’ll spend a full 10-minute working block at Burn Pace or faster, so be ready to go nonstop!

CARDIO: TREADMILL WALK/JOG    First Time Jogger: 13-Minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Parker
This is the perfect transition workout for power walkers looking to ease into jogging. You'll hit 3 separate light jogging intervals at 4.5 MPH and hold that pace for 2 minutes, finishing it out by walking after each jogging interval.

CARDIO: ROWING    Whatcha Row About Me: 19-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Chance
Strap in and get set for taking on blocks consisting of Base Pace for 1 minute, Burn Pace for 2 minutes, and Max Effort Pace for 30 seconds! Focus on speed and form all the way to the finish.

CARDIO: MEDITATION    Refocus: 8-Minute Low Intensity Meditation Session with Coach Sandi
Become an observer of your thoughts and learn to use your breath to center your focus on the present. Find calmness and peace as you gain control of your wandering mind.

APRIL 10th - APRIL 16th

This week is all about staying balanced while performing unilateral work. “Snatch and Balance” is a workout that pairs explosive movements like Dumbbell Snatches with Single Leg Deadlifts (another Unilateral movement), requiring a lot of concentration to maintain stability. “Skip the Step” requires balance as you take long steps up every other step. AB-Static is a core workout that adds stability to the mid-section by pairing dynamic movements with static ones. Finishing workouts like these will help you gain mastery over your core by increasing your control over your overall posture, breath, and ability to keep abdominal pressure! Are you ready to find your balance?

STRENGTH TOTAL BODY   Snatch and Balance: 24-Minute Advanced Complexity Workout with Coach Sherese
Work on strength and power as you maintain balance and stability. Coach Sherese will take you through Single Leg Deadlifts, Snatches, Unilateral Sit-Ups, Front Squats and Push Presses. This workout requires great concentration and skill!

CARDIO: TREADMILL RUN    Tread On Me: 25-Minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Sandi
Gradually build your speed from a Base Pace of 5.5 MPH up to a top speed of 7.5 MPH with a 4% incline. Get your sweat on with Coach Sandi!

CARDIO: TREADMILL RUN    Daily Grind: 30-Minute Low Intensity Workout with Coach Chance
Run through lighter speeds ranging from 5.0 - 6.5 MPH. Put in the time to grind and enjoy the RESULTS!

CARDIO: CORE    AB-Static: 15-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Chance
Transition from dynamic to static movements for 2-minute working blocks. You'll have Super Crunches, Hollow Holds, and Flutter Kicks with only 30 seconds of rest between 6 total rounds. This one might make you shake, but hold steady!

CARDIO: STAIR CLIMBER    Skip the Step: 19-Minute Low Intensity Workout with Coach Chance
Lock in your speed at a Level 8 as you take long and powerful steps to engage your glutes. You'll be alternating between a regular climbing technique and skipping a steps for 1-minute intervals.

CARDIO: MEDITATION    Emotional Barrier: 9-Minute Low Intensity Meditation Session with Coach Chance
Build internal strength and confidence as you slow down and examine your life. Focus on the things that you can control to overcome emotional obstacles and stay motivated.

APRIL 3rd - APRIL 9th

This week’s workout release includes “Killer Legs”, which features a new movement (KB Sumo Squats) that will target and strengthen the muscles of your inner thighs and glutes! Are you ready to build those legs?

STRENGTH LOWER BODY   Killer Legs: 18-Minute Moderate Complexity Workout with Coach Sandi
Build killer legs with Kettlebell Sumo Squats, Kettlebell Deadlifts, Kettlebell Swings, Pulse Squats, and Alternating Reverse Lunges. You'll be going 25 seconds each interval with only 55 seconds to rest between rounds. Plan for 6 total rounds.

CARDIO: TREADMILL RUN    Run Away With Me: 37-Minute Medium Intensity Workout with Coach Parker
Leave your incline set to 0% and take a long run with Coach Parker. You'll set your Base at 5.5 MPH and work up to 7.5 MPH for extended intervals.

CARDIO: TREADMILL RUN    Power 1/2 Hour: 30-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Karyna
Steadily increase your speed every 2 minutes from 3 MPH all the way up to 9 MPH. You'll get plenty of active recovery halfway throughout this session. Lace up!

CARDIO: BODYWEIGHT    Cardio Hardio: 17-Minute High Intensity Workout with Coach Tracy
Get your heart rate up with In & Out Squats, High Knees, Plyo Lunges, Skaters, and Burpees. Each round of intervals will become longer as you progress, starting out at 20 seconds and topping out at 60 seconds each. Let's go hard!

CARDIO: BIKE    Boardwalk Cruisin': 20-Minute Low Intensity Workout with Coach Sherese
Keep it light and steady as you cruise "the boardwalk". You'll increase your incline gradually as you maintain your Base Pace. This workout is great for active recovery or just a lower impact cardio session!

CARDIO: MEDITATION    Wake: 5-Minute Low Intensity Meditation Session with Coach Sandi
Take in the space around you as you breathe in the new day. Ease into a relaxed state as you prepare for a fresh start with renewed energy and open opportunities.

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